We are Little Bolton Town Hall Work, drink, dine, relax...

A sense of place, of pride in our heritage and ambition for our town. A desire to create something unique; something special. All of these things inspired us to reinvent Little Bolton Town Hall for a new generation.

Over the years, many people have passed by this stunning piece of Bolton history and hoped that, one day, it would find its place once again at the heart of a town centre community.

That was our vision, too. And now it’s becoming a reality and emerging as a cornerstone of the new ‘Northern Quarter’, in the heart of Bolton.

But this is not just regeneration; it’s renaissance. We’re creating a space where agile working and a collaborative business community will come together with coffee house culture. Be it a chilled evening at the bar or meeting clients in the Parlour, join us at Little Bolton Town Hall to work, drink, dine and relax.

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